Banda Jazzco


BANDA JAZZCO was formed in 1974 when a group of musicians with common interest in developing their own creative works, free of parameters or preconceptions got together.  The result of this union was a new musical style distinct from other Brazilian groups from that era, which can be defined as Brazilian Jazz.
BANDA JAZZCO throughout its long history has maintained a tenacious spirit of work and research with the development of the band and its members. This has guaranteed a prolonged existence for the band which today is recognized for its quality in musical compositions, arrangements and in the performances of its musicians.

Today apart from the experience and excellent professionalism of the members, there exists an intense love of music which is the strongest bond beyond friendship and unity between the 11 musicians in the band.

The band consists of: Amador Bueno (bass) founder of the band, Vitor Alcântara (alto sax, soprano sax and flute) Fabio Oriente (guitar), Pepa D'Elia (drums), Todd Murphy (trombone), Junior Galante (trumpet ), John Lenhari (trumpet), Samuel Pompeo (tenor sax), Rafael Toledo (percussion), Chico M (baritone sax, flute and piccolo) and Iuri Salvagnini (piano).

Contact : Amador Bueno

Phone / Fax : 55 11 55790374

Cell phone: 55 11 95015575

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